Grant History

Fall Grant Session, 2015-2016 School Year

Global Collaboration: Susan Dana received a $1,100 grant for Middle School students to plan, organize and implement collaborative projects and exchanges with students in Spain, Uruguay, and possibly Guatemala. This project will tie into the World’s Largest Lesson, created by the 2015 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Unicef, and will focus on recycling, children and the environment.

School Nutrition: Peter Esposito received a $2,900 grant for student nutrition at all three schools through a new Breakfast Smoothies program. This project will provide Vitamix Blenders in each school and benefit students through supercharged brain fuel, in the form of vitamin- and mineral-rich smoothies.

Musical History: Ted Jordan received a $2,700 grant to fund a social studies program at the High School that exposes students to history through music. Plans are to present a series of concerts by two local bands who share stories behind their songs and engage in post concert discussions. These musical experiences will add new and unique context to the history the students have learned in class.

Creative Publications: John Holdridge received a $1,900 grant that will fund a Middle School publication studio where students will produce newspapers, comic books, poetry chapbooks, original prints, and more. This project intends to engage students and teachers in the creation/production/publication of words, ideas, and images.

2014-15 Grants

Jeff Shedd and Nate Carpenter received $28,800 for Freshman Transition Coordination & Achievement Skills Program. This grant, a 2 year initiative, will integrate and improve several existing programs to aid students’ transition to CEHS. Allison Hawkes was awarded $1,500 to fund the publication of individualized literary magazines for all sixth-grade students. They will integrate a variety of writing genres, editing skills, art projects, photography, and desktop technology to complete and share a magazine of their own creation. Richard Mullen was awarded $2,000 to support for a joint High School and Pond Cove theatrical production.

Recap by school:

High School
Freshman Transition Coordination & Achievement Skills Program $28,800
High School/Pond Cove theatrical production   $2,000
Stem Fair   $2,500
Achievement Center computer replacement   $7,740
Bard College Institute Professional Development   $2,400
TEDx Youth at CEHS    $9,000
CEHS Advisory Program   $8,500

Middle School
Individualized literary magazines for all sixth-graders   $1,500
Middle School Library and Learning Commons   $27,750
Animation Integration Studies   $2,000

Middle School/Pond Cove
Len Cabral Residency: A Tapestry of Stories   $9,600

Pond Cove
Cape Elizabeth 250th Anniversary Project   $7,500
Math Lending Library   $3,550

Teacher Awards
Thompson Award (Scott Shea)   $2,000
Brownell Award (Betsy Nilsen)   $2,000

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