Give Thanks. Give Back.
Give a Red Apple.  

Red Apple Awards let an educator know that they’ve made an impact on your child’s education and the holidays are a great time to show your appreciation! Give a Red Apple Award by donating to CEEF in a teacher’s name, and your recipient(s) will receive a handwritten card with your message, thank you gift of your choice, and recognition in our annual report and newsletter.

Give A Red Apple Award

This year the BIGGER the thanks, the BIGGER the gift! This holiday season Red Apple Awards come with extra cheer of hand-selected gifts including Yeti tumblers, Haven’s Sea Salt Caramels and local gift cards. Best of all, donations are cumulative per recipient, so give what you can, and encourage others to send their Red Apple Award!

Congratulations to the following teachers who were recognized Spring 2020 by parents who appreciated their dedication to their students:

Mrs. Adams   Mrs. Alfiero    Mrs. Arbour    Mr. Ashe    Mrs. Atkinson    Mrs. Briggs   Mr. Brown    Mrs. Bucci    Mr. Carpenter    Mrs. Carroll    Mr. Carroll   Mrs. Caruso.   Mr. Charltray    Mr. Chase   Mrs. Cross    Mrs. Dana    Mrs. DeVries    Mr. Doane Jr.    Mrs. Evan    Mrs. Ferrell    Mr. Ferry    Mr. Forsyth    Mrs. Gallagher   Mrs. Geike    Mr. Giampetruzzi   Mrs. Ginn    Dr. Guerette    Mrs. Ham   Mrs. Kaufman    Mr. Kennan    Mrs. Marsden    Ms. McKeown    Mrs. Medina    Ms. Merriam    Ms. Neuts    Ms. Newton    Mrs. Ramsbotham    Mrs. Ramsey   Mrs. Rioux    Mrs. Robbins    Mr. Robinson.   Ms. Rohner    Mrs. Sampson    Mrs. Sturgeon   Mrs. Thomas    Mrs. Torras   Mrs. Trippe   Mrs. Tweedie    Ms. Valente    Mr. Wagner    Ms. Whipple    Mrs. Whitaker    Mrs.Yarrington   Mr.  Young  Mrs. Zellers     
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